The Awakening


Poverty is not our destination.

It is only the beginning. 

We come into this world naked, helpless, with nothing,

but that is not how we depart.

We can leave this world cloaked with glory,

if we do things right.

This life is ours to be won.


You can be poor, or, you can be rich.


The battle is fought in the mind.

Have rich thoughts,

invite wealth.


The door to opportunity is waiting,

and we have all been given a key.

Shall we turn the lock?


This is a site about transition


Where are we?

Where do we want to go?

From rags to riches?


To be rich is to grow.


It’s about changing our state of mind.

We become the person who we are meant to be.


Our potential is met along the road.


The surest way to get rich quick,

is to get started now.


It doesn’t matter where we start from,

it doesn’t matter what we look like.

It’s not about our gender,

it’s not about our race,

it’s not about our sexuality,

or our physical attributes.


It’s about our mind.


Enrich your thinking.


I am The Man in Rags

and my journey has begun.

I lead the fight from the front.


I will challenge and slay my own limiting thoughts.

I break open the prison of self doubt.

 I free my imagination,

 and enter into a new realm of possibility.


A richer world.

A richer mind.

A richer life.


This blog is an example;

for me, a totally radical new way to think.

I believe that I can do this.

I am willing to commit myself to it.

I dedicate my time to its fulfillment.

I will confront barriers, and I will overcome them,

My adventure will lead me to explore and to grow.


Measure my progress by my success,

as the truth of my philosophy is revealed.

Join me, and understand;


If i can be rich, so can you!




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